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Magnetically driven micromachines play an essential role in a number of biomedical and other remote control applications. In this study, a magnetically driven robot was fabricated through Formi's i3DP resin system. The magnetic robot was successfully actuated under the rotating magnetic field produced from a permanent magnet. The remote control experiments demonstrate that this initiator-integrated 3D printing (i3DP) is an effective technique for making magnetically driven objects. Read the complete study here: Learn more about how our i3DP resin system can help with your functional 3D printing applications by contacting us on our service page.  

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TechAlliance fosters innovation and accelerates growth. As a Regional Innovation Centre in the Ontario Network of Excellence, TechAlliance provides advisory services, resources and programs to the tech community in London and Southwestern Ontario. They work with partners locally, regionally, provincially and nationally to support businesses across many industries, including Digital Media & ICT, Life Science & Advanced Health Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing, and Cleantech/Agritech. Each year, TechAlliance honours the achievement of tech entrepreneurs, start-ups and established tech companies in London and Southwestern Ontario regions. Techcellence Awards are given annually to Southwestern Ontario tech companies for their excellence in Innovation, Business Growth...

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