i3DP metal functionalized iLattice cubes
Eiffel towers functionalized in i3DP metals
  This cube was printed with and copper plated with the i3DP system
An example of printed electronics created through the i3DP system
This working circuit was printed and metallized using the i3DP system.
These flowers demonstrate the resolution that can be achieved with our Standard resin. 3D printed flowers
3D printed watch face metalized with i3DP Nickle finish This watch assembly was printed in resin and nickel plated with the i3DP nickel functionality.
These ants demonstrate some of the colours available with our Standard Resin Ants 3d Printed in standard resin
3D printed ilattice functionalized with i3DP Nickel 3D printed ilattice functionalized with i3DP Nickel
This 3D printed magnetic stir bar was first printed in resin and then functionalized with the i3DP magnetic function 3D Printed magnetic stir bar