frequency selective surfaces RSS

conductive ink, frequency selective surfaces, printed electronics -

To realize the wide-scale deployment of FSES, new, economical, scalable printed electronics (PE) techniques are required. Special considerations must be given to function, cost, and design flexibility. To meet this challenge, Formi 3DP’s solution builds upon a new patent pending technology for printing high-performance flexible electronic circuits. This new React-on Demand (RoD) system features particle-free silver ink which is inkjet printed onto a pre-prepared, low cost polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. The ink instantly reacts with the surface to produce highly conductive silver traces. This proposed method occurs at room temperature, requires no toxic nanomaterials, no post-treatment, and no harsh experimental conditions. The use of digital inkjet printing techniques readily allow for immediate changes where new custom FSS designs are needed. This technique is proven to be a cost-effective, simple, and safe alternative to current methods.

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